When will my credit card be charged?

For sessions - We will not charge your credit card until you successfully complete a session with an expert mentor. However, before you enter the session room, Codementor will pre-authorize your card for the cost of $1 regardless of whether or not you start a paid session. Please know that this is not a charge, we will automatically refund you the amount as soon as the authorization goes through. Please know that some banks may take a few business days to reverse this pre-authorization hold on your card.

For Freelance jobs and code reviews - Your card will be charged immediately when you hire a developer and held in escrow. Once the job has been completed by them and sent to you for review, you can confirm release of the escrow to them, or it will be auto-released to them after 5 days.

For Direct Payment (for tipping) - You will be charged right away with the payment going to the mentor immediately.

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