Helping organizations working against COVID-19

How you can help

As the world works to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and to help those affected by it, we've created a new page featuring developers who are willing to help organizations working on COVID-19.

If you’re able to donate a few hours of your time or provide a lower rate, please add “COVID-19” as an expertise on your profile and include a sentence or two to let clients know if you’re open to free sessions or reduced rates.

Requests relating to COVID-19

When clients sign up through this page, they'll be directed to post a COVID-19 request. These requests won't include a budget, so we encourage you to directly discuss the client's budget requirements with them.

Any organization, NGO, hospital, research facility, etc. can post their COVID-19 project on Codementor. As there may also be startups and other companies with COVID-19 projects, we aren't doing additional vetting for these clients. As mentioned, clients will be sharing project details through requests, so mentors can choose which projects to work on.

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