When should I ask clients to create a freelance job?

There will be times where freelance jobs are a better fit to solve an issue rather than live sessions. Some situations where you might considering asking a client to create a freelance job:

  • A client prefers to work on an issue offline or async (e.g. they prefer to read comments in code added by you and absorb it at their own pace)
  • A client simply needs help creating a working solution to a problem

Before you ask a client to create a freelance job, please make sure that:

  • You are clear about the goal the client is trying to achieve and related requirements of the request
    • Is there a deadline? Is the job time-sensitive?
    • What do deliverables look like? For example, is it a code snippet for a working solution?
  • If you are not sure if you can complete a job given the information from a request, we recommend chatting with the client to clarify or starting a free session from the chat window to figure out if you can be of help.
  • The request does not involve graded work or assessments; if it does, kindly let the mentee know that it would be done in a live 1:1 mentoring session where you would guide them.

Once you are certain you can help with the job, you can ask clients to create a freelance job to put payment in escrow. We encourage you to learn more about how freelance jobs work for clients:

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