How do I choose a mentor?

To help you have the best experience possible on Codementor, once you've posted a request or searched for mentors on our experts page, try to chat with several before settling on one to help you in your live 1:1 session or freelance job/code review. This article will assist you in choosing the one that best fits you!

Mentors on Codementor not only should be technical experts with good reviews, but they should also be friendly, supportive, patient, and be able to work well with you. Additionally, they should have good communication skills so you can get the most out of their help. Here are a few tips -

When evaluating mentors, ask yourself:

  • Do their profiles show the skills I need and good coding experience and reviews?
  • Do they have a polite and friendly tone?
  • Did they read and understand my request well?
  • Are they responsive and attentive?
  • Do they communicate well in speaking, writing, and comprehension?
  • Do they answer all of my questions?
  • Do I know the mentor's rate and estimated completion time for my session?

In addition, here are a few more things to keep an eye out for before making your final choice. As these typically do not result in good experiences, if you come across the following, feel free to let us know by reporting them to us through the chat box or reaching out at

  • Are they similar-looking to their profile photo?
  • Are they asking for a good review before starting my session or freelance job/code review help?
  • Are they wanting to jump into a session or asking to create a freelance job/code review before understanding my request?
  • Are they not wanting to use video during my session?

Once you find a mentor you work well with, you can ’favorite' them to easily find them in your chat box (more about this here)

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