How do I start a session with a mentee?

You can request to start a PAID or FREE session with a mentee via the chat window, as shown in the image below, only after you've chatted with them and are pretty sure you can help them. The mentee will be sent a unique link to enter the session room - this is for the mentee to click on only. Once the mentee has entered the session room, you'll be notified to join the room.

The Free session option from the chatbox is meant for exploration for both you and the mentee and is not able to go into a paid session directly. Need more information about the request? This would be a good chance to get clarification on it.

Once you are certain what this request is about, including requirements and expectations, and that you can be of significant help, you can then choose the Start a paid session or the Request a freelance job option from the chatbox, depending on your mutual agreement (note that graded work or assessments should be done with guidance in sessions only - more on that here).

When you enter the session room for a paid session, you and the mentee will automatically begin a preview period which should be used to set up communication tools and briefly discuss the issue before starting the paid session.

Please note that the session timer used for charging doesn't start until the mentee clicks on "Start paid session" button located within the session environment (mentors are not able to click this button), so check periodically to make sure the timer is running so you know charges are accumulating.

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