How can I improve my chances of being selected for projects?

Below are a few tips to help you increase your chances of getting selected for CodementorX projects:

1. Have a complete & detailed profile

Connect GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Linkedin to your profile, elaborate on your experience with each expertise, and share your experience as a freelance developer. The more information you can offer, the easier we will be able to find suitable projects for you. Make sure you've checked out our Codementor Profile Checklist.

2. Give mentoring sessions and work on freelance jobs

The best way to demonstrate your programming knowledge and communication skills are to earn positive reviews on the mentorship section of our platform. We believe a good developer not only needs to be skilled in programming but also working with others.  

3. Tailor your response to each CodementorX job post

Please carefully read through each job post before you express interest and make your response as specific as possible. If you could provide relevant projects or past experiences as examples, your chances of getting shortlisted will significantly increase.