How does the Referral Program work?

Here at Codementor we're building a vibrant community where developers help and learn from each other. Help us and start earning rewards! For each developer that you refer to Codementor as a mentor, you can earn up to $500 in referral bonus. Here's how:

1. Invite fellow developers to Codementor

You have the chance to earn up to $500 USD as rewards for inviting friends to become a Codementor. You can find your referral code on your Codementor dashboard (see below).


2. Get Rewards

There are several types of Rewards. At each stage, you will earn rewards - up to $500 per person you refer to Codementor. Once the friend that you refer is approved to be a mentor, the remaining rewards are only available if they occur within the first 6 months of being approved.

Note: Reward amounts may be subject to changes in the future

3. Receive your rewards

Once you have $50 of Unredeemed Rewards, "Redeem now" will appear. In order to redeem your rewards, please click "Redeem now" and you will receive the amount in your next payout.

Notes: Please note that your friend must apply via your referral link in order for you to redeem the following rewards.