How do I get help?

If you need live help from an expert, click the Get Help Now button on the top right of your Dashboard page and fill out your request in detail. Or, you may also fill out your request here.

Alternatively, you can find an expert within your budget and message them directly.

If you're looking for a long-term mentorship, check the longterm box in the request form, or you can negotiate directly with a mentor for a special rate.

If you're looking to hire an expert developer to work on a freelance project or to fill a contractor positions, check out CodementorX.


  • When creating a live help request, we suggest describing your request in detail before you submit it. Adding relevant tags helps too.

  • To prevent any misunderstandings, you should always message a mentor to describe what you need so that the both of you are on the same page before you start a session.