How do I refund an Offline Help?

How do mentors refund an Offline Help?

Once mentors mark an Offline Help as complete, he/she can click on the "Refund" button at the top right corner of the Offline Help page to refund the user. Please note that it may take 3-4 days for us to process the refund.


How do users get a refund for an Offline Help?

After the mentor completes the Offline Help, the payment in escrow will be automatically processed to the mentor after 5 days.

If you experience issues with the Offline Help provided, you can click “Have a Question?” and “Suspend Payment" to pause the automatic payout to the mentor, then message the mentor about your concerns. 

Mentors may offer a partial or full refund if they are unable to complete the task or the task does not meet the original specifications. Please contact support if further assistance is needed.