How does payment work for Offline Help?

Users can choose to Pay by Escrow or Pay Mentor Now. See below for further details:

1. Pay by Escrow

FAQ_offline_create.png process-offline-pay-by-escrow.png

After clicking the "Pay by Escrow" button, the user's payment will be in escrow (on hold) with Codementor and the Offline Help will appear in the "In Progress" tab.

Once the mentor completes the task, it will appear in the "Pending Review" tab on the Dashboard. After the user clicks "Confirm Now" to confirm the completion of the Offline Help, the payment will be processed to the mentor.


Automatic payment processing

After the mentor completes the Offline Help, payment in escrow will be automatically processed to the mentor after 5 days.

Have a Question?

If users experience issues with the Offline Help provided, they can click on the "Have a Question?" button at the top right corner of the Offline Help page.


Click on the "Suspend Payment" button to pause the automatic payout to the mentor, then message the mentor. When ready, click "Confirm Now" to release the payment.


If you need further assistance, please contact us.

2. Pay Mentor Now

offline-modal-paynow.png process-offline-pay-immediately.png

If users click on the "Pay Mentor Now" button, the payment will be processed to mentors immediately after they create the Offline Help. It is usually used for completed tasks or sending an extra tip to mentors.