What is Offline Help?

Offline Help is a way for users to pay mentors for help outside of mentoring sessions. This is also a convenient way for users to send a quick payment as a token of appreciation.

Users can choose to pay a mentor immediately or to keep the funds in escrow (on hold) with Codementor. Mentors can also request users to pay via Offline Help.

Users can click on the “Pay for Offline Help” button on a mentor’s profile page or the $ icon in the chat window.



Mentors can request users to create Offline Help payments by clicking on the arrow button of the chat window, and choose "Offline Help: Request Payment". 

Reminder: Users can put the payment in escrow with Codementor before mentors assist them.


The maximum amount for Offline Help is $1500, so please contact us if the budget is greater than $1500. Please also check out this page for how payment works for Offline Help.