Recruiter requests

When you post a request, you can choose to purchase the "Recruiter" add-on for a more personalized experience and easier matching process. Our recruiter will recommend up to three mentors to you within an hour. We'll only recommend our top-performing mentors, and they'll be immediately available to help you.

Getting help with a recruiter request

Follow the steps below to get help more easily with a recruiter request

  1. Post a mentorship, freelance job, or code review request and purchase the "Recruiter" add-on.
  2. Once you post and pay for the add-on, you'll be brought to your request, and we'll begin searching for mentors.
  3. Within one hour, our recruiter will send you up to three mentors who are available to help you.
  4. Chat with your matched mentors, look at their profiles, and decide who you want to work with.
  5. Start a session or create a freelance job for the mentor of your choice through the chat dropdown menu. If you still need help, you can also choose to share your request with more mentors.

If none of our top-performing mentors are available within an hour, we'll open your request to all mentors and refund you the cost of the "Recruiter" add-on. The add-on is otherwise non-refundable.

Feel free to contact our support team if you have any further questions.

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