Recruiter requests

When clients post a request, they can choose to purchase the "Recruiter" add-on for a more personalized experience and easier matching process. Our recruiter will recommend up to three mentors to the client within an hour. Only our top-performing mentors have access to these request (see below for more info).

Taking on a recruiter request

Follow the steps below to indicate interest and take on recruiter requests.

  1. Receive web app and email notifications for new recruiter requests that match your expertise.
  2. Click into the recruiter request page, and read the request details.
  3. If you're able to help, let the client know you're available with a short message.
    We recommend including a short intro, why you feel you can help, and any follow-up questions you have.
  4. Once you're certain you can help, ask the client to start a session or create a freelance job. This is the same process as a regular request.

Getting access to recruiter requests

Top-performing mentors are given access to recruiter requests based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to ratings and reviews, number of sessions/jobs, activeness, and past record on Codementor. These mentors are chosen by our team, and there is no application process to get access to recruiter requests. We may also revoke access to recruiter requests at our discretion should a mentor's performance drops.

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