Using Codementor for code review

Code reviews are a way for you to get feedback on their code. The scope of the code review can be limited to a single pull request, or you can have your entire repository or codebase reviewed. Code reviews are a great way to look for code styling, code smell, security issues, and overall architecture.

Follow the steps below to find a developer to review your code:

  1. Post a code review request.
  2. Chat with interested mentors (click MESSAGE button) or search for mentors yourself.
    1. Discuss your goals for the code review, your project, and the scope of the code review.
    2. If you decide the mentor is a good fit, agree upon a fixed cost for the code review by discussing how long it will take and the mentor's rate.
    3. To hire a mentor after the discussion, 1) click on 'HIRE' just below the MESSAGE button, then 2) click on 'Create code review' in the blue popup modal (see below).

  1. When creating a code review job for your mentor:
    1. We'll ask you to put money in escrow with us. We'll hold onto this money for you and only release it to the mentor once the job is complete.
    2. Should you require it, ask your mentor to sign a NDA.
    3. If your code is in a private repository, don't forget to give your mentor access!
  2. Once the mentor completes the code review, review his or her comments within 5 days.
  3. After 5 days, escrow payment is released to mentor for the completed job.

How much does it cost?

Codementor is an open marketplace where expert developers can set their own rates. Typically, a mentor's rate starts at USD $10 for every 15 minutes. For code review, we encourage you to discuss your goals and scope of the code review with your mentor. Before you create a code review job, agree on a fixed cost for the job by discussing how long the code review will take and your mentor's rate.

What if the code review goes over or under the estimated time?

If the code review takes less time than estimated, mentors can issue a partial refund to the code review job before the job is solved. If the code review takes more time that estimated, we encourage you to send a direct payment to your mentor to cover the additional cost.

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